One Remote To Rule Them All – Part 3

I have to say things are going really well with my home theater remote built with iRule. I am pretty happy with the interface right now. I thought I post the UI that I created for the iPad. Thing continue to get tweaked but at this point it is mostly button commands.

I just recently added the Mac style metal mesh to the interface. I found this really added some depth to the interface. Until iRule support things like sliders and button states like up, down, active and inactive I kind of have to fake it.

One addition to the theater system is a green power strip. If you are not familiar with a green power strip they allow you to power off equipment based off a master plug power. If the power to the master plug goes off then it turns off the other power strip plugs. This is how I intend to power on and off my amps that do not a remote option. The receiver will get plugged into the master plug. When that goes off then the amps will be turned off. I will have a post dedicated to this in part 4.

Here are all the screens of the current iPad interface. Let me know what you think about these. They are certainly different than anything I have seen for iRule. Everyone else seems to go with the black interface.

4 thoughts on “One Remote To Rule Them All – Part 3”

  1. Hi,
    the best Remote interface i have ever seen.
    can i have a copy?
    is it for sell?
    greetings from germany

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