Paramount RS-60

I am looking to get rid of this bike. I have had this since 1992. I rode it to classes for about 6 months and then with my limited bike fixing ability cracked the fork by tightening it too much. My guess is that this has less than 150 miles on it. I have been moving this bike around with me for about 14 year. I always said I wanted to convert it to a single speed but I never have. All the parts are original. I even think the tires are as well.

Here are a few photos. If you are interested make me an offer. You are welcome to swing by and check it out. It needs a tune and new fork.





14 thoughts on “Paramount RS-60”

  1. I still do have this bike. Still would like to sell for the right price. It is a classic that is in about as perfect shape as a bike from 92/93 can be in.

  2. Still have it. Took the fork off it. Bought a new fork on eBay but wrong size. Make an offer if you want it. You will need a new fork for sure.

  3. Ben, I do still have the Paramount. I think I have taken off the fork in hopes of looking/finding for a new original one. I have had no luck. It is still all original. Make me an offer. Email Husar (at) Mac dot com. I can take new photos if you lake as well.


  4. Yours is the second one I have ever seen besides mine. There was a frame on ebay years ago. I have one of those hanging in my garage and just can’t seem to get rid of it. The fork dried up a few years ago. The tires are gone. I am just trying to figure out what to do with it after all of these years. I know you were trying to get rid of it, but it is nice to see another.

  5. I actually landed here while looking for parts for a fork like that. I have one that is in rough shape overall but the fork crown is not cracked. 139mm 1-1/8″ steerer, which is far too short for my purposes. Perhaps that could work for you?

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