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The 1:1000 Photo Group is a few bloggers that are into photography, all of varying experience levels. Every few weeks we set a one word theme selected by one of the members and we all shoot to the theme. You can interrupt the theme as you wish and at the end of the theme period you post your 5 best photos to your blog. Place a link back to this page so others can get more information about the group and post a link to the other members blogs. We all get a little more traffic and share some great photos.

We have a few simple guidelines.

# Every two weeks is a new single word theme. Using a single word allows everyone to interpret it in their own way. This allows for more creativity.
# Each person in the group will submit a theme word in advance. We rotate so everyone gets to pick a theme.
# Each theme starts on a Friday and ends two Fridays later.
# You must shoot your photos during this time frame. You can’t submit anything you shot in the past.
# Post your best 5 photos to your own website or blog each theme period. Feel free to comment or tell a story about how you interpreted the theme. Or just post the photos.
# Post the camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO used if possible. This allows everyone to learn more.
# When you post your photos to your blog or website you then link to everyones blogs that are participating that week. This does a few things for us. Gives us more exposure to our own blogs. Visitors can jump between all our posts/pages very easy. I am going to try and develop a widget or something that reads an XML file. Then all you have to do it drop a bit of code in your blog and it will link to everyone for you.
# Title your posts with the name of the group (1:1000 Photo Group) the number and name of theme, like this for consistency, “1:1000 Photo Group #2: 3-Sided”
# You should try to comment on everyone that is participating in the theme. Be nice and try to give constructive criticism and encouragement. Maybe select which photo you like the most and why. Commenting is very important so do it.

Theme 3: Patience – (Open)

Theme 2: 3-Sided – (Closed)

CJ’s Photos – The Great Detox
Tyson Photos – Hofsommer Happenings
The House of Husar – http://www.husar.us/blog/archives/1441

Theme 1: Numbers – (Closed)

Hofsommer Happenings – http://www.tysonh.com/blog/?p=73
The Great Detox
– http://thegreatdetox.blogspot.com/2008/03/11000-group-photo-friday-numbers.html
The House of Husar – http://www.husar.us/blog/archives/1416
Ryan’s Blog – http://hansers.blogspot.com/2008/03/numbers-for-11000.html

If you want to join our group post a comment and start shooting to the current theme. When you have your photos posted on your own blog we will post the link back here.

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